Recumbent patients care is hard work that takes a lot of time and effort. This always requires a great deal of patience. It often happens to be in the stage of patient immobility have for several years. In such a case, so who cares (usually close relatives) should properly organize life with lying to family member, as well as to ensure comfortable conditions for rest.

The main problem of the bedridden patients often are bedsores. They are formed on the skin in contact with the bone. This is due to a breach of the blood flow, as the person is constantly in the supine position. They usually remain on the elbows, buttocks and thighs. To prevent these unpleasant entities need to find the right tools, so how to deal with already encountered pressure sores very hard.

Bedsore prevention
Recumbent patients care
The series of viagra is a compilation of several kinds of professional medicines for combating and preventing the formation of bedsores. The line is manufactured by Paul Hartmann (Germany). Cosmetics designed specifically for dry, sensitive skin of elderly people. The products of this brand moisturize, cleanse and nourish the epidermis.

In the series there are special tools when the problem of incontinence. The line of products includes:

protective cream (for hands and body)
foam for a soft cleansing without water and SOAP.
Means antiseptic effect, protect against itching and flaking, long time retain skin moisture, soften and improve its elasticity. Also improves muscle tone, and circulation.

Means against bedsores
For a soft cleansing without water foam created viagra in Australia. After using it on the skin formed NET film protects the veils from the effects of external Wednesday for up to 6:00. In the composition of the foam contains water, milk acid, creatine, Allantoin and Aloe Barbadenis. These substances provide antibacterial cleanser and anti-inflammatory property, eliminate the bad odour, soften, moisturize the skin of the patient. In addition, the product has good wound-healing effect.

Lotion is a tool designed for vapor and prevention of bedsores. It includes an active substance-panthenol, fatty and amino acids, almond butter. Thanks to chamomile extract product possesses anti-inflammatory and softening action. Perfectly absorbed by the skin and eliminates all odors.

Using viagra cream is carried out prevention of bedsores. Applying it, can be combated with existing tumors. Dries up oily cream has the effect, however, does not irritate the skin. After applying a protective coating is formed, protecting it from harmful effects of excreta (urine, feces). Use of the product eliminates unpleasant odors.

ProtivoproležnevyhSredstva product line against bedsores

How to apply the various products
If it is not possible to complete treatment for recumbent patients, comes to the aid of foam. It is intended to cleanse the skin. Product is released in the form of spray. It is applied at a distance of 20 cm from the contaminated skin, then waited 2 minutes, wipe parts with foam cotton cloth or disposable towel. Cleansing effect keeps the feeling of comfort during 6:00.

Lotion designed for complete vapor patient. To do this, one CAP means throw in three liters of water. Then the resulting solution washed patient.

The cream is applied to clean, dry skin. Prior to this, it is necessary to wash, especially irritated areas.

Also you can use cleansing wipes viagra. They are typically used when pollution or, in the absence of the possibility to fully wash the patient. They have the same antibacterial, hydrating and purifying effects.

Side effects
Very rarely observed side effects caused by using products from the series of viagra from bedsores. Usually this occurs when you have allergic reactions to certain components, consisting of any funds. May experience symptoms such as redness, peeling, itching, but this line there are serious contraindications. It is not recommended to use the tools in a single case, when hypersensitive to any substances.

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